Brda River - tourist Infrastructure

The Brda River flows through Bydgoszcz for a distance of 15 km. In the city centre, the concrete river banks are fitted with mooring rings and, in some places, with bitts and bollards.

Mooring and anchoring bans are numerous here. In Bydgoszcz, a water tram runs regularly and has six stops along the Brda River. Mooring is allowed in many places, for example along the quays of the canoeing marina of TKKF "Orzeł" (Sports Association) and of the Bydgoszcz Canoe Club (km 13.8), at the mooring quay (km 11.6), at rowing clubs and sports clubs (km 10.4), at the waterfront of the old Kapuściska lock (km 6.1), at WOPR (Volunteer Water Rescue Team) (2.8 miles), or at the new Marina Bydgoszcz - opened in 2012 (km 2.0) on Młyńska Island (Mill Island). The complex of Marina Bydgoszcz includes hotel facilities, restaurants, sports centres and a quay for about 100 boats.

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