Second Tourist Provincial Assembly of the Lubuskie Province

"Lubuskie rivers – opportunities and barriers" is the subject of the Second Tourist Provincial Assembly of the Lubuskie Province held on June 13th, 2016, in Zielona Gora. At the meeting of the assembly the potential of the water tourism of the Lubuskie Province was presented on the basis of E70 and E30 international waterways. The attending discussed the issues related to the transportation and inland tourism, as well as the possibilities to develop the navigability and tourism on the Polish rivers, the rivers of the Lubuskie Province in particular.

The Assembly involved: Senator Jerzy Wcisła, MPs Tomasz Kucharski and Jacek Kurzepa, Town Councilors and Presidents, Commune Heads and Mayors from the Lubuskie region, representatives of the world of science, co-organizers and partners for this initiative, as well as foreign guests, including representatives of the Pro Europa Viadrina Euroregion, The City of Frankfurt on the Oder, The City of Fuerstenwalde/Spree, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Berlin. The conference was also attended by representatives of regional municipality institutions and tourist organizations. The program of the event included three panels. The first one concerned the tourist potential of the Lubuskie Province in the section of the E70 and E30 waterways, for which Wadim Tyszkiewicz, the President of Nowa Sol, presented the effects of the implementation of the project titled "The Oder for Tourists 2014." This was followed by the speech of Marek Cebula, the President of the Association of the Oder Cities and Municipalities, on his experience from the perspective of Krosno Odrzanskie. The participants of the Assembly also listened to Lukasz Burak, the President of the Association of Water Sports Lovers "Gorzow Haven," and Lukasz Kozlowski, the President of the Association "The Oder for Tourists," who spoke about the "Influence of the Oder on the tourism of the Lubuskie Province." Hanna Forbrich from the Association of the Notec Cities and Municipalities presented "The Tourist application of the E70 waterway in the Notec section." The tourist and scientific research aspects of the Polish rivers were analyzed by Dawid Szatten of the Waterways Revitalization Department at the Casimir III the Great University in Bydgoszcz – "Navigational and sailing conditions of the E70 waterway in the Oder – Brda estuary section in 2014-2015." PWSZ Professor Pola Kuleczka, PhD, from State Higher Vocational School (PWSZ) in Sulechow, discussed her presentation titled "Rivers in nature and culture – introduction." The last panel involved Senator Jerzy Wcisla's presentation of the solutions and possibilities related to inland tourism. Lukasz Pieron of the Inland Navigation Department in the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation talked about the long-term plans of the Ministry that are to ensure further development of the inland waterways. Agnieszka Silacz, the Manager of Board of the Notec Catchment of the Regional Board of Water Economy in Poznan, discussed the future of the E70 International Waterway with emphasis on the Notec. Andrzej Kreft, PhD (Eng.), the Director of the Regional Board of Water Management in Szczecin, stressed the significance of flood protection in the context of further development and use of the river transportation and tourism. The Second Tourist Provincial Assembly of the Lubuskie Province was attended by several dozen water sports lovers from Poland and abroad. The Assembly was the meeting spot in which those interested could share their experiences and jointly work out new solutions allowing for the further development of rivers. The number of the associations and organizations dealing with the problem of the use of Polish rivers was surprising and showed that water tourism in Poland is boldly entering rivers and canals.

Based on: Malgorzata Trams-Zielinska,, Photos: UMWL archive

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