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Poland's 3rd Inland Waterways Council (Sejmik)—the Oder Council—was held on 6 June 2018 in Wrocław. The event was organised as part of the Local Government Year of the River Oder

The Oder Council (Sejmik Odrzański) addressed the topics of how the Oder is perceived as a source of economic benefits for the Oder riverside communities and their mutual relationships. Consideration was given to optimised location of ports and harbours on the rivers, taking into account the interests of local governments. The principles of multi-level cooperation for transport and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region, including the Central European Transport Corridor, were discussed and established. There was also mention of Oder-based tourism opportunities and the implementation of water leisure projects. As an example, there is the 2018 Lower Silesia Oder Fund—a project addressed to Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia) municipalities. It supports the construction or development of small-sized infrastructure related directly or indirectly to the Oder and other rivers or water bodies.

The principles of the Towards the Oder (W stronę Odry) competition were presented; the participating projects may include not only those related to water tourism, canoeing and rallies but also sports and recreation events organised for the people of Dolnośląskie. Outstanding ideas will receive co-funding.

The Oder Council featured an exhibition of photographs by the winners in photography competitions: My Place on the Oder through a Lens (Moje miejsce nad Odrą w obiektywie) and With the Oder's Flow through Lower Silesia (Z nurtem Odry przez Dolny Śląsk).

The meeting was attended by the local authorities and inland water transport organisations, associations, foundations and clusters.

The meeting was accompanied by a demonstration of waterborne equipment (including dragon boats, catamarans) and a presentation of the Water Tourism in Lower Silesia (Turystyka wodna Dolnego Śląska) guidebook.

It is worth mentioning that the first Inland Waterways Council took place in July 2013 in Elbląg. In its assumptions, the Council is a forum for cooperation and exchange of experience, open to all entities interested in the development of waterways in Poland.

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