Martwa Wisła - tourist Infrastructure

Past the lock in Przegalina (km 936) on the Martwa Wisła, there is a dock for the Regional Water Management Board in Gdańsk, and a little further on, a modern marina in Błotnik, built as one of the key investments of the Żuławy Loop Project.

'Brama Sobieszowska' and 'Tęcza' - two small marinas on the south bank of the river. The first one belongs to the hotel, and the other is available for sailing boats and motor boats. Sobieszewo Waterfront is a convenient mooring site. At its western part, the water tram from Gdańsk makes a stop. At km 16-17, there are marinas: 'Stogi' and 'Rudniki', on the left bank 'Stewa' - harbour of the Gdańsk Motorboat Training Centre, on the right bank - a quay of Gdańsk Marine Club and a marina of Północny Yacht Club. At the estuary of the Opływ Motławy (Motława River Ring), there is a rowing club marina of the University Sports Club, a sailing marina of the Polish Scouting Organisation and a WOPR marina. Past the bridge, there are port quays: Nabrzeże Flisaków (Rafters' Quay), occupied by LOTOS Petrobaltic vessels, and Nabrzeże Krakowskie, where vessels of the Dredging and Underwater Works are moored.

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