Noteć River - tourist Infrastructure

Along the 187 km long stretch of the lower reaches of the Noteć, we encounter eight port towns, where we can use convenient docks or quays, and we will pass through 14 canal locks.

About 150 m from the place where the Noteć flows into the Warta River, there is a quay in Santok, about 300 meters long (at km 225.6) with access to water, electricity and toilets. The marina is also an entertainment centre with a concert stage.

In Drezdenko, you can moor at Park Harcerza (Scout's Park) (km 188.2) and at the Water Management Station (km 187.6). In Krzyż Wielkopolski, mooring is possible at the former port (km 176.8).

At km 175.1, in Drawsko, Yndzel Marina is awaiting boaters, opened in 2011, with floating piers, a slipway and access to electricity and water, tourist accommodation and toilets. You can also rent boating equipment. Mooring is also available just past the bridge, in Drawsko (km 174). A dozen kilometres down the river, you can make a stop at Wieleń (km 162.2), past the bridge.

In Czarnków, there are two convenient locations for mooring. At km 132.2, there is a 70-metre long embankment of the shipyard, with access to water, electricity, toilets, ramps and a lift for launching boats. A hundred metres away (km 132.1) is a monitored marina with complete tourist infrastructure: bathrooms, toilets, a slipway, workshops, water equipment rentals and a garbage collection point. Another marina, with a stone quay, is situated at km 131.9, with a nearby petrol station.

In Ujście, there is a marina (at 106.2) with a mooring piers (km 105.9) and with access to electricity and water. A mooring site (km 105.8) is past the road bridge.

Further on, another mooring site is only available at km 62 at Osiek (fishing bridge).

At km 39.8, a river port is situated, owned by the School of Inland Navigation in Nakło nad Notecią, with a sailing quay. The marina offers water, toilets, electricity, a slipway, garbage collection and minor repair services at the school's workshops.

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