On 16 October 2018, a conference was held to summarise the project entitled: "An analysis to adapt the River Vistula from Włocławek to its Bay of Gdańsk mouth for a large and small cascade—a modelling study" (Analiza przystosowania rzeki Wisły na odcinku od Włocławka do ujścia do Zatoki Gdańskiej do kaskady dużej i małej – modelowanie).

The conference discussed the study produced under the project. The analysis contained a concept to ensure a minimum of Class IV navigability, flood protection, including: winter flood control and the safety of the Włocławek Barrage. Furthermore, a (physical and numerical) modelling study was performed for the operation of barrages with a high and low damming level and for the riverbed erosion processes.

One of the important outputs of the study was a presentation to the participants of the principles for constructing barrages on the Lower Vistula and a presentation of the recommended variant. Based on the completed analyses in terms of the environment, technology, navigation and economy, several variants were suggested, out of which a high-head cascade variant was recommended, composed of barrages locally supplemented with groins or retaining walls: Siarzewo, Solec Kujawski, Chełmo, Grudziądz and Gniew. Ultimately, the decision to choose a recommended variant should be made with consideration to the entire IWW E40 and E70 sections within the territory of Poland.

It is worth mentioning that the analysis is also a contribution to the feasibility study (under way) for a comprehensive development of IWW E40 for the River Vistula from Gdańsk to Warsaw and further on to Poland's border with Belarus and IWW E70 from the Vistula to the Vistula Lagoon.

The second part of the Conference presented "The Vistula in Miniature," i.e. physical models of barrages for the Siarzewo and Nowe locations. The models were made for the purpose of an analysis to adapt the Vistula to a large and small cascade from Włocławek to its Bay of Gdańsk mouth.

The analysis was commissioned by the PGW WP Polish Water Holding and the Gdańsk RZGW Regional Water Authority.


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