Szkarpawa River - tourist Infrastructure

The Szkarpawa River opens after we pass the Gdańska Głowa Lock. We can find a few places for mooring on the river and some wild clearings between the rushes, which are also fit for mooring.

Before the bridge, on both sides of the river in Drewnica (km 2.8), there are convenient mooring piers. The mooring piers, on the  left side, were built as part of The Żuławy Loop Project. At km 3 - a private piers with access to water, electricity and toilets. In Rybina (km 15.1), at the promontory between the Wisła Królewiecka and Szkarpawa, there is a solitary pier. In Osłonka (km 23.5), there is a newly built sailing marina, built in 2012 as one of the investments of the Żuławy Loop Project.

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