The IWW E70 Project


Organizers: the signatories of agreements on revitalisation of the International Waterway E70 - the Pomorskie, Lubuskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeships

E70 Revitalisation – Vision and Objectives

 Programme vision statement:

"Sustainable development of the regions along the planned Polish section of the International Waterway E70 (Oder - Warta - Noteć - Bydgoszcz Canal - Brda - Vistula - Nogat - Jagielloński Canal - Vistula Lagoon) through the development of various forms of inland shipping and other forms of economic activity related to the accessibility to inland waterways."

Programme mission statement:

'The quest for sustainable development of the waterway, both in terms of transport and tourism, while preserving essential environmental values of its rivers and canals, to be achieved through cooperation of the local government institutions concerned, central government authorities and non-governmental organizations, and in collaboration with interested business entities."

Programme objectives:

1. Stimulation of the development of tourism.

2. Reintroduction of tourist navigation of all kinds as a factor enhancing the economy of the regions in the IWW E70 area of influence. Reintroduction of waterway freight transport as a factor in boosting the regional economy in the IWW E70 area of influence.

3. Improving the spatial qualities and organisation of the near-water areas in the IWW E70 influence zone

4. Expansion of the ports and harbours system minimising the negative effects of tourism and water freight transport on the environment

5. Creating instruments to support the development of cooperation between businesses, non-governmental organisations and local government institutions with regard to the use of economic, natural and cultural resources in the regions

6. Introducing legislative changes in the legal system that would regulate and facilitate the use of inland waterways

7. Setting up a system of monitoring, controlling and integrated management of the natural resources of inland waters ecosystems and adjacent areas.

IWW E70 in Europe and in Poland

The International Waterway E70 (Rotterdam – Berlin – Kostrzyn – Bydgoszcz – the Vistula Lagoon – Kaliningrad) links Western Europe, via the Berlin Waterway Junction and the northern region of Poland, with Kaliningrad, and further on, with the waterway system of the Neman River.

About the Project

Years of reductions in waterways investments have created backlogs so severe that it has now become necessary to set priorities, create long-term investment plans and procure funds for the financing of these works. The Marshals of five northern Poland voivodeships have come up with a unique local government initiative aimed at overcoming what for many years has seemed impossible with regard to inland navigation and development of water tourism. The initiative is focused on the Polish section of the International Waterway E70.

Priorities and Measures in the IWW E70 Revitalisation

Priority 1

"Adaptation of the planned Polish section of the International Waterway E70 (Oder - Warta - Noteć - Bydgoszcz Canal - Brda - Vistula - Nogat - Jagielloński Canal - Vistula Lagoon) to meet the technical requirements of class II waterways at the minimum, ensuring safe, day and night navigation for at least 240 days a year

Measure 1.1:

The Vistula – Oder Waterway revitalisation by extensive dredging works, modernisation of the existing locks and weirs and eliminating technical barriers, to enable full compliance with the minimum technical requirements of class II waterways, suitable for day and night navigation. This is the most important stage of the IWW E70 revitalisation programme: its implementation is the prerequisite for creating any further system solutions with regard to tourism, revitalisation of commercial ports, or restoration of regular water transport.

Measure 1.2:

Reconstruction of the stream channel of the lower part of the Vistula River, in the section of Silno (the confluence of the Tążyna) - Bydgoszcz - Fordon - Przegalina, to fully comply with the technical parameters of class II waterways and preparing the geometry of the waterway to meet the technical requirements of class IV waterways

Measure 1.3:

Modernisation of the borderline section of the Oder (a section of the Oder Waterway - Odrzańska Droga Wodna) to comply with class III technical requirements as part of the International Waterway E70 in Poland

Measure 1.4:

Digging a canal through the Vistula Spit and improvement of navigable access to the ports of the Vistula Lagoon, including reconstruction of approach fairways in Kąty Rybackie, Krynica Morska, Piaski, Stara Pasłęka, Frombork, Tolkmicko, Suchacz and Kamienica

Measure 1.5:

Adaptation works of the Szkarpawa River to the technical requirements of class IV waterways, including the construction of a new lock, Gdańsk Głowa, as a link between the seaports of Gdańsk and Elbląg, deepening of the Nogat River, including renovation and modernisation works of the barrages and modernisation of the Wisła Królewiecka (Szkarpawa's distributary) to meet class II parameters

Priority 2:

Construction of a system of marinas, harbours and landing stages with a uniform information and visual identification system for the Polish section of the International Waterway E70, in the voivodeships of Zachodniopomorskie, Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Pomorskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie

Measure 2.1:

Construction of a network of base ports, marinas and landing stages to ensure safe and convenient navigation for tourist and sports vessels on the Polish section of the IWW E70

Measure 2.2:

Comprehensive revitalisation of the Bydgoszcz Water Junction including construction of marinas, waterbus stops network and other facilities for water sports and leisure

Measure 2.3:

Tourism development in Toruń through revitalisation of the existing docks and embankments in Toruń

Measure 2.4:

Construction and expansion of support facilities for tourist services located near ports, marinas and landing stages along the Polish section of the International Waterway E70

Measure 2.5:

Development of a uniform system of tourist information integrated with the information and visual identification system, compatible with the IT system of traffic control and management for the Polish section of the IWW E70

Priority 3:

Restoration of regular cargo shipping to be achieved through revitalisation of the existing transshipment, reloading and logistics infrastructure of the commercial inland ports and through construction of new facilities along the Polish section of the IWW E70

Measure 3.1:

Improving access by road and rail, including expansion of the technical infrastructure of inland commercial ports

Measure 3.2:

Construction of new infrastructure for inland commercial ports

Measure 3.3:

Construction of infrastructure for the multi-modal transport and logistics interchange, including a container terminal in Bydgoszcz - Łęgnowo or Czerniewice - Brzoza near Toruń

Measure 3.4:

Reconstruction of the port and industrial areas on the Martwa Wisła (a branch of the Vistula) in the Tri-City Metropolitan Area

Measure 3.5:

Construction of local agricultural logistics centres based in inland commercial port

Measure 3.6.:

Expansion and modernisation of the infrastructure of the sea and river port of Elbląg

Priority 4:

Water tourism, inland waterways freight transport, environmental protection and cultural heritage preservation with elements of sustainable development of the towns and municipalities located along the IWW E70

Measure 4.1:

Comprehensive revitalisation for recreational purposes of the waterfront zones located in the towns and cities along the Polish section of the International Waterway E70

Measure 4.2:

Economic activation and territorial development of valuable land for housing within urban areas in the vicinity of the waterways of the Polish section of the IWW E70

Measure 4.3:

Building a system of bicycle paths, horseback riding trails and tourist driving routes along the waterways making up the Polish section of the International Waterway E70

Measure 4.4:

Support for and promotion of organic and traditional farming as part of agricultural and environmental programmes in the valleys of the Warta, Noteć and lower Vistula and the Żuławy region, to create a system of tourist attractions and expand the range of offers in agritourism

Measure 4.5:

Conservation and sharing of natural and cultural resources located along the Polish section of the International Waterway E70 by creating a system of local tourist organizations and other non-governmental organizations aimed at promoting the natural and cultural heritage.

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