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North Park marina in Malbork

The modern marina in Malbork, with an ability to host up to 24 units at once.

Volunteer Water Rescue Service (WOPR)

WOPR is a nationwide association, carrying out activities within the National Emergency Medical Service system and bringing together water rescuers.

Quay at the Zygmunt August Boulevard in Elblag

The marina is located on the eastern waterfront of the Elblag river.

Marina in Tolkmicko

Tolkmicko is harbor town, which is not only a shelter for fishing boats, but also for passenger sailing vessels.

Marina Nowa Pasłęka

Nowa Pasłęka marina is the last Polish port located on one of the estuary channels of the Pasłęka river.

Marina in Rybina

The marina consists of a quay length of 100 m for handling passenger ships of the white fleet and three mooring piers at the drawbridges on the Szkarpawa and Vistula Królewiecka rivers.

Yacht harbor in Krynica Morska

It is the largest sailing port on the Vistula Lagoon.

Marina in Biała Góra

The modern marina is located on the Nogat river, opposite to the unique lock in Biała Góra.

Marina in Błotnik

The Błotnik marina is located in an old arm of the Vistula estuary, directly adjacent to the Przegalina lock.

Water stop in Wrzeszczyn

At the place of the water stop, the waterfront of the Noteć river is equipped with basic infrastructure.

Marina in Ujście

In Ujście, on the left bank of the Noteć river, there is a marina with access to drinking water and power supply.

Marina in Czarnków

The marina is located in Czarnków on the Rybaki Street.

"Yndzel" marina in Drawsko

The marina is located in the northern part of the Drawsko village, nearby the center.

Philadelphia Boulevard and Academic Sports Association Marina in Toruń

Toruń encourages water sports enthusiasts to berth at the edges of the medieval old town.

Marina in Nakło upon the Noteć

The marina is a convenient place to moor while hiking along the IWW E70.

A harbor and waterfront in Grudziądz

Undoubtedly Grudziadz reopens to the Vistula River, which is reflected by the revitalization of theharbour with the waterfront.

Mill Island marina in Bydgoszcz

The modern marina was established in the heart of Bydgoszcz, in the middle of the picturesque Mill Island.

River marina in Santok

The marina is located on the right bank of the Noteć river (225.6 km) between the road bridge, and the mouth of Warta and Noteć.

Winter Port in Gorzów

It is a charming place, each year frequently visited by water sports enthusiasts. Well worth a visit for travelers seeking monuments of inland shipping. One can see here the more than 100-year-old icebreaker "kuna", rebuilt tug "kormoran" as well as an exhibition of steam engines and a still operating ramp. For several years, the port has been cared for by the water sports enthusiasts association called Harbour Gorzow, working on the promotion of motorboat tourism.

Hotel and recreational complex with a yacht marina in Gorzów Wielkopolski

The newly created object on the picturesque outskirts of the city. It is the first real harbor in Gorzów, additionally equipped with the hotel and catering, conference hall and sports facilities.
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