Warta River

The Warta is the third longest river in Poland. For a distance of 68.2 km - from the confluence of the Noteć with the Warta in Santok (at km 68.2) to the town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą (km 0.0), where it flows into the Oder River, the Warta is part of the IWW E70 (free flowing lower Warta).

The width of the stream channel is 50-70 m, the depth is 1.2 m at low stage and 2.2-3.0 m at average water level. Navigational depth for bidirectional traffic is assumed at approximately 1.5 m. This waterway is of regional importance only and can be classified as class II navigable waterway in Poland. 

Medium- and high-voltage power lines do not impede navigation. The lowest bridge is a road bridge in Kostrzyn (at km 2.45) with a clearance of 3.9 m at high navigable water level.  

Two ferry lines cross this section of the river: one in Santok at 67.7 km and the other connects the towns of Witnica and Kłopotowo at 22.3 km. 

The pleasant sandy and green banks of the Warta may tempt us to touch land, but the washed out and in many cases invisible groynes can make it very difficult. That's why, it is more advisable to use the yachting club marinas, small harbours and loading wharves, which are quite numerous along this section.

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