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Discussion on safety on waterways

The Marshal’s Office of the Pomorskie Voivodeship as well as the Director of the Office of Inland Navigation with the regional office in Gdańsk organised a meeting on 28 June concerning safety on waterways of the Pomorskie Voivodeship and parts of Warmińsko-Mazurskie.

In recent years, several activities have been undertaken for the development of waterway infrastructure and the improvement of navigational conditions on water routes. These have resulted in strong interest in boating around the Żuławy Loop and Vistula Lagoon by sailors as well as other boating tourists.

The observed increase in users of waterways was reflected in the level of safety, which, as it turned out during the meeting, is not so bad on our waters, though there are areas for improvement.

The invited guests drew attention to problems connected with boaters’ non-abidance of boating regulations, exceeding the speed allowed, and therefore causing sudden waves on the waterway.

The purpose of the meeting was the exchange of experience, as well as working out common activities with the goal of improving safety and developing waterway navigation. The maintenance of comfortable and safe boating will only be possible thanks to cooperation between organs of maritime administration, organs responsible for water management and those responsible for maintaining order.

At the same time, the meeting demonstrated many good practices worth imitating, related to ensuring safety on the water. These enable tourists, currently and in the future, to count on modern infrastructure, which is not lacking in Pomeranian waters, but also to have the chance to enjoy ‘peaceful’ and safe boating.


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