marina w blotniku po rozbudowie

Reconstruction of the sailing marina in Błotnik completed

Not so long ago, at the site of existing sailing marina, barges transported rubbish from the Wybrzeże Heat and Power Plant. And what was left of the transhipment base for barges with ashes became the foundation of transforming the site into a modern marina. Like a phoenix from the ashes, as part of the project Żuławy Loop – development of water tourism. Stage I involved the creation of a modern boating marina, which is breaking popularity records.

Over the few months since its opening (June 2012), it has become an important sailing port on the inland routes of the Vistula Delta. The marina in Błotnik is certainly one of the most spectacular waterway investments of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, especially as it was created at a site that was not previously associated with water tourism. When deciding on the construction of the modern marina, consideration was taken mainly of its ideal connections via the Martwa Wisła River with Gdańsk, as well as through the lock in Przegalina with the Vistula and its tributaries – Szkarpawa and Nogat, which then connect to the waters of the Vistula Lagoon.

The Błotnik Marina is a quiet, comfortable port with modern facilities, situated in the old riverbed of the Vistula, near the Przegalina lock, and is also visited by an increasing number of kayakers and cyclists. Therefore, more projects have appeared, so that Błotnik may become an important and attractive centre for tourism. First of all, with the support of EU funds of the ROP PV 2014 – 2020, the sailing marina was reconstructed. In total, for nearly 5.1 million PLN, with a subsidy of 3.1 million PLN from EU funds, nearly 50 new places for mooring yachts, a water tram stop and a paved area for wintering yachts were created. The unused pumping station was also converted into a viewing platform. Secondly, in the framework of ROP PV 2014-2014, the Vistula Cycling Route was laid out on the embankments. This cycling route leads to the Błotnik Marina. Meanwhile, as part of the project Pomeranian Kayak Routes – the Martwa Wisła and Motława waterways, subsidized by the ROP PV 2014 – 2020, kayak marinas were built in Błotnik and Trzcinisko.

The sailing marina in Błotnik, executed in the framework of Stages I and II of the Żuławy Loop, is already very attractive to boaters, as evident in the number of yachts mooring there. Following the sailors, investors also appeared, offering the possibility of wintering yachts or carrying out necessary repairs. The municipality is also interested in education. A sailing school is located at the marina, with separate facilities in a building and storage space for boats of the Optimist and Mariner types and kayaks, together with a room for training and sanitary facilities.

Fot. Rafał Wasil


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