Oder River

The IWW E70 includes the section of the lower reaches of the Oder river, from kilometre 617.6 (Kostrzyn nad Odrą - confluence with the Warta) to kilometre 667.2 (Hohensaaten - the Oder River joining the Oder-Havel canal), the total length of 49.6 km.

Warta River

The Warta is the third longest river in Poland. For a distance of 68.2 km - from the confluence of the Noteć with the Warta in Santok (at km 68.2) to the town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą (km 0.0), where it flows into the Oder River, the Warta is part of the IWW E70 (free flowing lower Warta).


Vistula Lagoon

The 115 km long lower section of the Vistula, from the confluence with the Brda to the Nogat, is a class II navigable waterway, with guaranteed minimum depth of 1.4 m. Along this section, there are no water impounding installations. From here up to its mouth (941.3 km), the Vistula is a waterway of class III and offers a depth of 1.6 m.

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