E70 Revitalisation – Vision and Objectives

 Programme vision statement:

"Sustainable development of the regions along the planned Polish section of the International Waterway E70 (Oder - Warta - Noteć - Bydgoszcz Canal - Brda - Vistula - Nogat - Jagielloński Canal - Vistula Lagoon) through the development of various forms of inland shipping and other forms of economic activity related to the accessibility to inland waterways."

Programme mission statement:

'The quest for sustainable development of the waterway, both in terms of transport and tourism, while preserving essential environmental values of its rivers and canals, to be achieved through cooperation of the local government institutions concerned, central government authorities and non-governmental organizations, and in collaboration with interested business entities."

Programme objectives:

1. Stimulation of the development of tourism.

2. Reintroduction of tourist navigation of all kinds as a factor enhancing the economy of the regions in the IWW E70 area of influence. Reintroduction of waterway freight transport as a factor in boosting the regional economy in the IWW E70 area of influence.

3. Improving the spatial qualities and organisation of the near-water areas in the IWW E70 influence zone

4. Expansion of the ports and harbours system minimising the negative effects of tourism and water freight transport on the environment

5. Creating instruments to support the development of cooperation between businesses, non-governmental organisations and local government institutions with regard to the use of economic, natural and cultural resources in the regions

6. Introducing legislative changes in the legal system that would regulate and facilitate the use of inland waterways

7. Setting up a system of monitoring, controlling and integrated management of the natural resources of inland waters ecosystems and adjacent areas.

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