Ports on the Vistula Lagoon

Kąty Rybackie. There are three mooring sites for yachts: at Kąty Rybackie Port (62 designated spaces, draught up to 1.5 m, the western quay is available for yachts in the eastern basin), at Neptune Marina (15 spaces, secluded mooring sites with electricity, showers and toilets), at Old Fishing Port (Stary Port Rybacki).

Krynica Morska. Two harbour docks and a fishing port. The docks for yachts are separated with a passenger pier. Sailing enthusiasts can enjoy the largest marina in the Vistula Lagoon, with floating piers (developed within the Żuławy Loop project). Mooring places for yachts with access to water and sewage facilities, electricity and lighting. In the yacht harbour the guaranteed depth is 1.5 m.

Piaski. The dock is not sheltered from waves. This location is predominantly used by fishermen. The harbour is small and you often need to moor to the side of other yachts. In the vicinity of the port, there are camping sites where toilets and other facilities are available.

Kamienica Elbląska. A small fishing port in Elbląg Bay. No services for sailors are available, nor sanitary facilities. From the side of the bay the shores are not reinforced, overgrown with reeds and not easily accessible. The most convenient mooring site is on the south wharf, closing the dock. The quays of this wharf are solid, made of concrete, with bollards. The keepers of this place are fishermen.

Nadbrzeże. The marina of the Yacht Club in Elbląg. Mooring is available at West Wharf - a slope with fixed piers, or at South Wharf - with a wooden pier along the entire length of the wharf. To the east of the dock, holiday cottages are situated, an administrative building, a bar and sanitary facilities. Sailors can have access to water and electricity.

Suchacz. The harbour consists of two ports: a yachting marina and a fishing port. The yachting marina is located at the western wharf of the harbour. It is well sheltered from the waves. It is convenient for vessels with a draught up to 1.2 m. The administrator of the marina is the Sailing Enthusiasts Club of the Vistula Lagoon. Sailing boats of any size can be chartered here. Sanitary facilities are available as well as a club room, a place for a campfire. Sailors have access to water and electricity.

Kadyny. The port has been renovated thanks to private sponsorship. Available for a short one-day stop for boats with a draught up to 0.8 m, in good weather with no waves. One can rent water sports equipment here and have a drink or a meal at a bar. The port is situated at one of the most attractive beaches of the Vistula Lagoon.

Tolkmicko. The sailing marina in Tolkmicko was created as part of the "Żuławy Loop" project. It provides complete infrastructure for sailors: a slipway, a boat lift, mooring wharves, toilets, access to electricity and water. A petrol station is only 200 metres away. The first section of East Wharf is intended for Search and Rescue units. Further on, fishing boats are allowed to moor.

Frombork. The town has a port for passenger ships and a fishing port with a marina for sailing boats. The long port channel ends with a dock with mooring space for leisure crafts. The Yacht Club "Dal" has a few berths here for its members. Sailors have access to electricity. Drinking water can be obtained from the fishermen. Toilets are located near the quay, but no showers are available. Near the harbour there are a few bars and more restaurants are in the town.

Nowa Pasłęka, Stara Pasłęka, Braniewo. Mooring is possible at three locations: Fisherman's House (Dom Rybaka) in Stara Pasłęka (piers at the estuary of the Pasłęka, access to electricity, toilets, Wifi), Nowa Pasłęka Port (Pasłęka Canal, 300 m from the estuary, no facilities), Yacht Marina in Stara Pasłęka (built as part of the "Żuławy Loop" project: 22 mooring spaces, toilets, showers, electricity). In Braniewo (7 km upstream the Pasłęka) a new sailing marina is situated, constructed within the "Żuławy Loop" project.

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