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A new sailing marina in Nowy Dwór Gdański coming soon

Fot. R. Wasil

The county of Nowy Dwór Gdański, in the framework of the project “Żuławy Loop – improving the accessibility of Nowy Dwór Gdański by waterway", is executing the next task regarding the construction of a sailing marina by the Starost Office, a so-called "wall in the water".

Currently renovation-construction work is underway in adapting the ground floor premises (under the terrace) of the County Starost Office in Nowy Dwór Gdański. The renovated building will house a seasonal Harbour Master’s Office with unattended toilets, showers and a large drying room.

A floating platform with a length of 36 metres will also be built. Meanwhile, as part of development of the area and the marina terrace, relaxation elements such as shelters with picnic tables, bicycle stands and a basic repair kit will be installed.

The initial deadline for completion of the investment is the 3rd quarter of 2022. The investment is implemented in the framework of a strategic undertaking of the Pomorskie Voivodeship – “Development of water tourism in the area of the Żuławy Loop and Gdańsk Bay”, with co-funding by the EU as part of ROP PV 2014 – 2020.

The sailing marina under construction in Nowy Dwór Gdański is one of four tasks intended to lead to revitalisation of the Tuga river as a tourist boating route and including it in the network of the Żuławy Loop. This goal has to a considerable extent already been achieved. Drawbridges have been put into operation in Nowy Dwór Gdański and Tujsk, construction of the above-mentioned marina is underway, as well as reconstruction of the drawbridge in Żelichowo. The chances are good that in 2023, boating enthusiasts will be able to take full advantage of the new waterway.


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