Exhibition to promote IWW E70

The exhibition to promote the Polish section of the International Waterway was organised for the purpose of making the decision-makers and citizens aware of the opportunities for revitalising inland water transport on the waters being part of the IWW E70.

The exhibition, named 'The International Waterway E70 as an opportunity for logistics and tourism', presents the economic potential of the regions along the Polish section of the IWW E70, as well as the features of inland waterways in Europe and in Poland and the opportunities arising from their development. It also depicts the new investments completed in the recent years, particularly the ones aimed at reviving water tourism.   This touring exhibition consists of 15 two-side display stands, the introductory boards presenting the characteristics of the IWW E70 and the importance of inland waterway transport, followed by large photos displaying the potential and attractions of the waterways. In addition to this main exhibition, there are also regional exhibits. For the purpose of presenting the exhibition, a brochure has been developed with detailed information about the activities taken by the local governments of the interested voivodeships with regard to the revitalisation of the Polish section of the IWW E70.

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