Vistula Lagoon - tourist Infrastructure

The Vistula Lagoon is part of the IWW E70 and, at the same time, is classified as sea waters. It stretches over an area of 838 sq km, of which 328 sq km are on the Polish side of the border. Along the Polish coast, there are 10 ports and marinas.

Brda River - tourist Infrastructure

The Brda River flows through Bydgoszcz for a distance of 15 km. In the city centre, the concrete river banks are fitted with mooring rings and, in some places, with bitts and bollards.

Elbląg River and Jagielloński Canal - tourist Infrastructure

Navigation on the Jagielloński Canal is possible without major problems. The banks are largely overgrown with reeds and there are long stretches where the banks are reinforced with a wooden palisade. Past the flood gates, at the entrance to the Jagielloński Canal from the direction of the Nogat (km 51.6), there is sandy clearing convenient for mooring.

Vistula River - tourist Infrastructure

Along this nearly 140 km long section of the Vistula, mooring sites are scarce. One can stop on sandy beaches between groynes but one must be watching out for fishing nets and protruding stony revetments.

Bydgoszcz Canal - tourist Infrastructure

The canal's banks are not suitable for mooring, but in emergency situations, we can gently steer our boat into the bank, which is overgrown with vegetation.

Noteć River - tourist Infrastructure

Along the 187 km long stretch of the lower reaches of the Noteć, we encounter eight port towns, where we can use convenient docks or quays, and we will pass through 14 canal locks.

Warta River - tourist Infrastructure

The pleasant sandy and green banks of the Warta may tempt us to make a stop, but the washed out and, in many cases, invisible groynes can make it impossible. Therefore, it is more advisable to use yacht club marinas, small harbours or loading wharves.

Oder River - tourist Infrastructure

The Oder does not abound in harbours or sports club marinas which would encourage to leisure activities on the water. From all the harbours along this section of the river, only the marina in Kostrzyn at the Warta River confluence (km 617.6) is worth mentioning.

Nogat River - tourist Infrastructure

Travelling on the Nogat, we pass through four canal locks. At the entrance to the Nogat, we find the modern 'Biała Góra' marina (km 0.5), built in 2012 as one of the investments of the Żuławy Loop Project.

Martwa Wisła - tourist Infrastructure

Past the lock in Przegalina (km 936) on the Martwa Wisła, there is a dock for the Regional Water Management Board in Gdańsk, and a little further on, a modern marina in Błotnik, built as one of the key investments of the Żuławy Loop Project.

Szkarpawa River - tourist Infrastructure

The Szkarpawa River opens after we pass the Gdańska Głowa Lock. We can find a few places for mooring on the river and some wild clearings between the rushes, which are also fit for mooring.

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